Optical Character Verification

CodeSure performs Optical Character Verification (OCV) on ink-jet printed dot matrix codes typically printed on cans, bottles, or other food containers. The system ensures that the printed characters are present, legible, and correct. The character grading algorithm of the software is impartial and accurate. For food and beverage packagers, CodeSure is excellent insurance to verify that the product goes to market with the correct label and a legible identification code.

CodeSure systems can be packaged with other VAIA products like Circumspect or SureLabel to verify that the label matches the print. There are several secondary benefits to production as well. CodeSure will enforce correct setup of the printers to company standard. The system can automatically stop the line or divert the product if the failure rate becomes too high which prevents more costly rework. This can be especially useful in the event of printer malfunction or drifts in the production process.

CodeSure guards against:

  • Potential recalls due to mislabeling
  • Products with illegible expiration codes getting to market
  • Large quantities of product with faulty or incorrect codes from being processed
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  • User friendly GUI with password protected levels
  • Print strings to be inspected are easily entered manually or sent over a network so that the system is completely hands-off for operators
  • CodeSure uses the same font file used by the printer to train the expected code
  • Image-based font training is not required making the system very easy to operate
  • Supports 5×7 and 5×5 dot matrix fonts printed by all mainstream ink-jet printers
  • CodeSure can verify 2 lines of code with up to 16 characters each
  • Font files are easily customizable for unique character prints
  • Compensates quickly and automatically for normal print variations such as size, stretching, compression, and slanting
  • Maintain production speeds up to 900 per minute
  • Very low false reject rates

  • Washdown IP67
  • Singulator
  • Multiple rejector options
  • PLC for reject monitoring and line control

  • Imaging Equipment:
    • Single hi-resolution area scan camera
    • Single diffuse illumination light
  • Total line footprint is 5’ or less of conveyor space
  • Max throughput rate is 900 ppm
  • Easy to install over existing line