When to use VisionGuard:

  • When Cognex In-Sight vision sensors are used and a pre-configured GUI is desired.
  • When multiple In-Sight sensors are on a single system.
  • When an integrated job management interface is required.
  • When improved system security is required.

VisionGuard© provides a protected-access front-end interface and audit-trail capability for Cognex’s® In-Sight® Vision Sensors, providing the features needed to allow B&L to validate In-Sight®-based vision systems used on the production line.

VisionGuard© does not interfere with the operations or the actual programming of the vision sensors. It provides an interface environment used to ensure properly controlled security access and the recording of any operational activities and changes made to a validated In-Sight® installation to create an audit trail. The In-Sight® Vision Sensors still operate as designed and programmed, receiving triggers, providing inspections, and outputting results and signals.

VisionGuard© is a VAIA product that provides a powerful and rich user environment that provides the means to address pharmaceutical, medical, and industrial validation requirements, providing improved access control and In-Sight® event and application change traceability. It provides the logging and reporting of all Vision Sensor activities and spreadsheet changes to enable the In-Sight® sensors to be part of a validated installation. VisionGuard© has evolved over many years of use in VAIA projects.

While VAIA does not provide validation services and VisionGuard© is not pre-validated, B&Ls who require validated installations can use VisionGuard© to provide many of the access controls and audit trail functions that are required for an In-Sight® Vision Sensor system to be part of a validated solution.

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VisionGuard permits the client administrator to establish any number of levels or groups of password-protected access.


Separate permissions have been created to:

  • Save and load In-Sight job files
  • Create and assign users, passwords, and group permissions
  • Shut down the application
  • Start and End an inspection session
  • the In-Sight® spreadsheet to configure the application
  • Modify and control the In-Sight® unit
  • Select the part to be inspected



  • The Timer displays the name of the logged-in user, as well as a count-down timer that counts down the number of seconds remaining to an automatic log-out. This is a safety feature that detects inactivity within VisionGuard© and logs out the user when it reaches 0 seconds.


Display Window

  • The video display window within VisionGuard© will show a single In-Sight® image when a single camera is connected. If multiple In-Sight® vision sensors are connected, the user can display a tiled view of the connected vision sensors or select a single vision sensor to be viewed.


The VisionGuard© display view can:

  • Contain no overlay
  • Display the Custom View
  • Display the In-Sight® spreadsheet grid (not accessible when Online)


Part Information Tab – Automatic Job Loading on Multiple Vision Sensors

This tab provides unique capabilities within VisionGuard©. A part to be inspected is created within this tab and can then be selected in the drop-down Part Name list. The job file to be loaded on each vision sensor for the selected part is configured in this window.


The section of the tab called “In Sight Job-Files” will display the attached In-Sight® Vision Sensors and the Job File available to be associated with the selected part. The job file to be loaded can be changed by the user by selecting the appropriate row and then selecting the job file to be loaded from a drop-down list.


This capability means that the specific job files for each part will be automatically loaded onto each attached In-Sight® Vision Sensor when that part is selected upon pressing the “Start Session” button. There will be no need to manually load the appropriate job files for each part to be inspected.


For example, if there are 4 In-Sight® Vision Sensors being controlled by VisionGuard©, the job file required for each when a particular part is to be inspected will be automatically loaded onto each Vision Sensor by selecting the part to be inspected after pressing the “Start Session” button.


When the “Start Session” button is pressed in the main interface screen, the user will select the part to be inspected. The job file on each Vision Sensor that needs to be loaded for the selected part will then be automatically loaded by VisionGuard© onto each connected Vision Sensor.


Password aging support

Automatic log-in prevention after a predetermined number of log-in failures