Problem Statement:

A large backplane connector array, over a meter in length and comprised of dozens of individual connectors, was being manually inspected to measure the true position of hundreds of individual signal pins and shield pins, relative to a specified datum point on each connector. This large backplane connection system is used in computer servers and other highly-connectorized systems.

Each connector in the array must be inspected individually. The manual inspection of a large backplane connector array took 8 hours, with a high potential for inspection error. The inspection process was a major production bottleneck and any inspection error could lead to the mating connectors not engaging properly on the backplane connector array or missing a critical operational signal, leading to a major re-work problem after installation.

VAIA Solution Description:

VAIA designed a custom inspection system to automatically measure the True Position of every signal pin and shield in each backplane connector. This system required absolute stability and tight functional integration of both high resolution machine vision and 5 motion axes control to inspect each individual connector.

      Example of Single Connector:

inspection process backplane

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