Robotics, Rejecters, and Part Handling Systems

Automation is generally a critical consideration for any successful inspection system. VAIA has a long history of integrating sophisticated automation components into manufacturing lines. From standard pneumatic rejecters to part handling robots, or custom product handling systems, we have successfully created working, reliable systems to make our customers’ production flow smoothly, quickly, and reliably.

VAIA has a skilled engineering team experienced in robot programming (Fanuc, ABB, etc.), PLC and controls programming (Allen Bradley, Siemens, Omron), software and HMI design and programing, and mechanical design and implementation of all system components.

The simplest form of mechanical part handling for a Vision System is the rejection apparatus. We have created part rejection systems using air, servomotors, and screw type actuators. On the other end of the handling spectrum, VAIA has built sophisticated part separation systems that both space the product and center it at various diameters. Most custom part handling systems have been designed and built in house, including custom walking-beam conveyance systems, line speed matching rotary pick and place systems, and numerous robotic systems using both Cartesian and six-axis robotics technologies. These systems provide great value by enhancing production efficiency, negating the need for manual sampling, and providing 100% inspection for all parts delivered with high quality standards.

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