Data Analytics

The explosive growth in computer processing power and the performance of major vision and automation system components has made it possible to obtain and then quickly access an enormous amount of image and PLC related data from automated inspection systems. The cost of effective storage and retrieval networks is dropping every day.

Many of our customers experience for the first time the transition from a manual (human) random statistical sampling process to a system that provides a 100% sampling, 100% repeatable process with a permanent record of each inspection. Following that transition, the comment we hear most from our customers is that they now have a ton of data – but very little information. VAIA can help.

VAIA Technologies works with customers to identify the critical goals that customers have for their vision system information and then works with them to get it into a usable format. Whether the goal is a robust retention platform, gaining a a better understanding of failure modes or using a series of image results to inform on process degradation and highlight the need for corrections prior to failure, VAIA can help mine image databases for valuable information. Machine Vision Analytics projects typically consider:

  • Solution Architecture
  • Interface to ERP, Shop Floor Management Systems, OEM Systems
  • Platform Dashboards and Alerts
  • Data Management
  • Storage, Archiving and Retrieval
  • Comparison Engines
  • System Diagnostics
  • Mobile Applications and Alerts

Customers can harness the potential for real-time access to information, measure process disparities across suppliers, operators, production lines and even manufacturing sites. For customers with active Lean 6 Sigma programs, this can mean a powerful source of actionable information.

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