Problem Statement:

The component being inspected is a medical device. Automated inspection is of primary importance to the client. Prior to using VAIA’s more advanced integrated inspection system, each medical device was already being inspected using machine vision, but the system:

1) Used a lower resolution monochrome inspection image that made it difficult to inspect small components

2) Did not take advantage of the fact that certain components were best imaged and inspected in color

3) Suffered from uneven lighting and reflection problems off the front of the part

4) Was not tightly integrated into the overall PLC-based process control configuration of the production line

With new production lines being built, the client wished to develop a next-generation version of the inspection system.

VAIA Solution Description:

VAIA developed a more advanced color imaging system with much higher image resolution to overcome many of the limitations of the original system. This was integrated directly into 2 next-generation in-line enclosures developed specifically for the new production lines being built.


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