What is CodeSure®?


CodeSure is a powerful and flexible can lid code and can label verification and inspection systems that are made up of 2 modules. These modules can be purchased and used separately or together.

Lid Code Verification – CodeSure CanLid is used to verify the code information that is printed by an ink-jet printer on the lid of a can. This code information may include a product code, a date code, a lot code, or other factory production code.  

Label Barcode Verification – CodeSure CanLabel is used to verify that the correct label has been applied to a can when a roll-through labeler is used to apply the label. The can’s label contains an identifying code, typically a UPC barcode. As the can rolls out of the labeler, CodeSure CanLabel reads the barcode and verifies that the expected code has been imaged, indicating that the expected label has been applied.


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