VAIA in the News

VAIA has collaborated with numerous partners & conducted many interviews showcasing our outstanding capabilities & detailing our system functionalities. Some of these are located below:

Scott Crawley, VAIA’s President, was a recent guest on the BuilderNation podcast. In the podcast, Scott discusses a wide range of topics including: the future of the automation industry, being an entrepreneurial company in 2023, and the importance of customer collaboration for VAIA. Scott and Elisa also dive into some of our latest projects including our Robotic Knife Sharpening System (Ross1).

In this article, Vision System Design highlights VAIA’s Robotic Knife Sharpening System that was developed after a major knife manufacturer was experiencing inconsistencies in resharpened edge quality, escalating labor costs, and high employee turnover, which was, in turn, leading to variation in the knives delivered to customers.

In this article, VAIA is highlighted alongside various other machine vision companies in a discussion regarding the machine vision industry.

VAIA utilizes many different technologies in our Turnkey Vision solutions. In this video, we highlight our use of Encoders to track products along a product line in various environments/industries.