Ross1- Robotic Optical Sharpening System

Introducing Ross1 -Robotic Optical Sharpening System

Ross1 is a robotic knife sharpening system that was designed & developed to deliver repeatably sharp knife edges while drastically increasing throughput for the end user. Ross1 can handle knives ranging in lengths & widths without needing to be batched. Utilizing state of the art vision technology, the knives are scanned to determine Robot trajectories for both the grinding and polishing of the knife. 

  • Average 30 second cycle time per knife (3000 /day)
  • Can handle knives ranging from 5/16″ -5″ wide & 4″ – 14″ long
  • Dual Carousel setup holds 128 knives at a time
  • Automatic rejection of non-conforming knives

  • User- Friendly GUI without touch screen monitor, minimizes operator interaction & provides instant feedback
  • Ideal for High SKU mix environment
  • Reduced cycle time of knife sharpening (average 30-35 seconds per knife)
  • Minimal Operator interaction required (10 minutes/hour)
  • Increased knife lifecycle due to finer material removal
  • Automatic rejection of non-conforming knives

  • Applications
    • Beef, Pork or Poultry industries
    • Any other straight edge blade
  • Easily installed in your facility
  • Data Analytics Services Available
    • Data & Image Storage
    • Data Trending
    • Comparative Analysis
    • Exception Management
  • Onboard User Manual & Training Tools