VAIA DOT Code Reading System

VAIA DOT is a robust propriety system for reliably reading DOT codes and dates on automobile tires. Features of the VAIA DOT system include:

  • 99%+ accuracy read rate
  • 20-22 tires per minute (if the tires are traveling on a conveyor) / 100+ feet per minute
  • Can read a wide variety of font and code styles
  • Random tire orientation and size

Tire manufacturer’s and 3PL’s (third party logistics providers) want to better identify and track tires through their facilities to:

  • Better respond to increasing regulatory requirements, and flag tires on quality hold
  • Reduce labor associated with handling, ensuring equipment accuracy, and matching customer requirements
  • Capture a permanent digital record of the tires shipped and better assess the validity of customer claims
  • Enhance facility inventory and FIFO/aged inventory management

VAIA provides on-going service and support programs tailored to customer needs. This includes service level agreements with defined coverage/response times, and rapid response remote troubleshooting and correction (all systems are remote-connect capable). We also have on-site technicians when required.


  • Reduces manual labor required to verify DOT codes as well as tire handling for this activity
  • Significantly increases speed of inspection when tire DOT codes need to be verified
  • Increases accuracy of inspection processes whether for inbound or outbound shipments
  • Customer has ability to flag individual tires subject to recall or hold
  • Allows for rapid rework or batch sorting to address potential FIFO or inventory obsolescence concerns
  • Provides a permanent inspection record of each tire inspection
    • May be useful in support of resolution of future service or fulfilment disputes
  • 12 & 13 digit DOT code including DOT date
  • Meets NHTSA requirement for tire tracking

  • Applications
    • Inline, Offline or Mobile system configurations available
  • Easily integrated into your ERP or WMS systems
  • Inspection of additional tire attributes including:
    • Tread labels
    • Bead Barcode
    • Conicity mark
    • Red DOT
    • Tire Dimensions
    • RFID
  • Data Analytics¬†Services Available
    • System Architecture
    • Data & Image Storage
    • Data Trending
    • Comparative Analysis
    • Exception Management