Case Studies

Case Studies

Our skilled team of software developers and engineers utilize the latest technologies and techniques in machine vision, automation, and robotics to deliver integrated solutions that address the most challenging customer needs. Read the up-close, in-depth and detailed reports of our vision systems.

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Packaged Product Counting System

Automated Inspection System Overview VAIA Technologies has designed and integrated an Automated Inspection System for a major feminine care manufacturer to inspect stacks of feminine pads for the correct pad count before they are packaged [...]

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Inspection of Medical Products for Assembly Verification

Problem Statement: The component being inspected is a medical device. Automated inspection is of primary importance to the client. Prior to using VAIA’s more advanced integrated inspection system, each medical device was already being inspected [...]

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Inspection of Individual Connectors in a Large Backplane Array

Problem Statement: A large backplane connector array, over a meter in length and comprised of dozens of individual connectors, was being manually inspected to measure the true position of hundreds of individual signal pins [...]

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3D Inspection of Structural Foam Parts

Problem Statement: An automobile component manufacturer had an inconsistent, inaccurate, and labor intensive manual inspection process that resulted in out-of-specification product being delivered to its automobile manufacturer customers. These product ‘escapes’ were causing major rework [...]

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Inspection of Foil Lids and Seals on Fruit and Juice Cups

Using statistical sampling, inspection is not enough to determine whether a cup is likely to become a “leaker." It contains small channels within the foil lid such that air can get [...]

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3D Machine Vision Inspection of Baked Bread

A bakery relies on statistical manual inspection, basically sampling multiple loaves from the production line on a regular basis to detect process issues that affect the quality of the product shipped. These inspections would typically [...]

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