Food & Beverage

The Food & Beverage Industry requires reliable inspection systems to verify that the expected packaging materials have been used. This includes:

  • Pre-printed entrée cartons
  • Pre-printed ice cream packages, including tubs and lids
  • Labeled salad dressing bottles, including neck labels
  • Labeled sauce containers
  • Pre-printed yogurt cups and foil lids
  • Webs of labels ready to be applied
  • Webs of flow-wrapper materials

Mislabeled poorly-labeled products can result in recalls, customer complaints, and health issues due to allergen escapes.

Automated packaging problems often occur due to:

  • The use of random and statistical inspection
    • Only a subset of the production run is inspected using a “spot check” to ensure the expected packaging is being used
  • Human error
    • The operator is loading stacks of cartons or labels and may be using the contents of the incorrect case.
    • Labels and cartons may be so similar-looking that it’s not obvious to the operator when the incorrect one is used.
  • Poor clearing of the line between batches

VAIA’s advanced packaging inspection systems, operating at high speeds and without human intervention, provide 100% inspection and verified rejection of failing packages. In many cases, a turnkey system can be installed over an existing manufacturing line with little or no modifications required to the line itself.

VAIA’s packaging inspection systems provide logs of all events, including who logged in, what inspection recipe was used, and if any changes were made to the inspection recipe. These systems can also store images of the failed product to help in troubleshooting. Compared to the cost of a recall or the damage to the brand image, packaging inspection systems are cost effective, with an ROI generally under a year.

Whatever the shape and orientation of the container, the VAIA’s packaging inspection products can be used to inspect any label, carton, jar, lid, and container combination. Please review the Standard Products page to learn more.

  • Ice Cream Containers
  • Baby Food Jars
  • Salad Dressing Containers
  • Foil Lids on Pudding Cups
  • Yogurt cups and lids
  • Bread Recipes
  • Butters and spreads using in-mold labeled containers
  • Coffee Pods and Lids