VAIA Technologies has worked with leading semiconductor and electronics Original Equipment Manufacturers’ and end users to provide a variety of custom electronics inspection solutions, including:

  • PCB multi-layer and trace inspection
  • Optimization of pattern-finding algorithms for mask and wafer alignment
  • Contamination and damage detection on wafer holders prior to Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition
  • Verify the presence and placement of key components and features on a device as it passes through an inspection station
  • Alignment of probe tips to each component in a matrix of components on a tray
  • Robot guidance feedback to present a component for inspection
    • Provides look-up and look-down guidance capability to enable a robot to insert a pinned-component into its mating position
  • Providing final inspection and verification that the expected finished component is being presented, the part is undamaged by any upstream processes, and key measurements and features are correct and present
  • Designed, programmed, and fabricated a complete system to automatically measure the true position of signal pins and shields in individual connectors arranged in a large backplane
    • Includes advanced algorithm and automated motion path development