Automotive Machine Vision

Think of an automobile as a giant puzzle for which you actually have to build the pieces. If you incorrectly build one of your pieces, you run the risk of compromising safety, reliability or incurring recalls, which not only affect the bottom line, they can significantly impact a brand’s reputation.

The Automotive Industry faces some of the expensive recalls in all of manufacturing. Even if the smallest anomaly occurs without being caught, an Automotive Manufacturer could have to realize enormous expenditures of time and capital to correct an issue. Many of these recalls can be prevented by utilizing VAIA Technologies Automotive Machine Vision Systems to accurately and effectively perform quality control inspections on just about every part that goes through the factory.

Machine Vision is an obvious next step in the Automotive Industry’s evolution. The current process of an employee inspecting multiple intricate parts a day, is very inefficient. With Machine Vision, each part can be inspected without bias and at a higher throughput rate. Whatever part needs inspecting, VAIA can provide a custom solution to improve accuracy and reduce costly recalls.

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  • Roller Bearing Inspection
  • Tire Inspection
  • Door Forming and Perforation Scans
  • Transmission Spring Metrology
  • Formed Plastic Parts Metrology
  • Electrical Connector Inspection