Custom Vision Solutions

Many of our projects arise from a specific need in the industry for machine vision. Vision engineering can be tricky and many end-users and OEM’s prefer to work with specialists, like VAIA, for these projects. Over the years we have gained a wealth of experience designing custom vision systems, making VAIA a premier provider for solutions like these. In many cases, we can use our SurePro software platform as a basis for development if the features that it offers are desired, but we also build applications from scratch. We have developed a basic formula or project map that can be applied to almost any custom engineering project as follows:

The first step is to fully understand the goals and needs of the client and often we will conduct an in house evaluation of the project feasibility. Then we deliver a detailed proposal plan describing the scope of the project and how the vision system will be designed.  We work closely with the customer during the design phase and conduct a full review before we continue to the build phase.

Once the build is complete we simulate the production process as closely as possible to test the system loading at speed. For instance, we built a ‘race-track’ circular conveyor that allows us to run thousands of parts per hour through a vision system at speeds over 300 ft/min.  Usually, this is shortly followed by a Factory Acceptance Test with the customer with agreed-upon metrics for testing.

Finally, the system is delivered and we perform the installation and integration of the equipment. We stay on-site during the startup and conduct a Site Acceptance Test before the system is approved for production. We provide training for plant personnel and complimentary support for the first 60 days after installation.

All of our custom vision solutions have the capability to be remotely accessible by VAIA personnel for support purposes.  This allows us to troubleshoot issues or upgrade needs directly and cost-effectively.  We stand by our products and are proud of our reputation and support record.

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