360° Graphical Inspection for Cylindrical Containers

CircumSpect is perfect for applications that require a graphical inspection of a round or cylindrical container. Cylindrical containers often pose a challenge for inspection systems because it is usually impossible to control where the label is facing on a production line. Circumspect is the solution for clients in the food & beverage industry who want to have an end-of-process inspection of a round product.

The CircumSpect® system creates a 360-degree view of the containers using 4 side-mounted cameras. The software algorithm combines the four images into one continuous “un-wrap” image of the entire side circumference. The un-wrapped image can then be processed by a wide range of standard machine vision tools.

The vision tools available for use include:

  • Pattern matching
  • Pattern inspection
  • Gauging
  • Brightness inspection
  • Color matching
  • Linear barcode reading
  • 2D barcode reading
  • Optical character verification (OCV) of well-printed codes
  • Multiple vision tools may be applied to each image and inspection recipe

A strong recipe manager is standard on the CircumSpect® system. This allows users to quickly switch between pre-configured recipes and transfer recipes from one system to another.


  • User-friendly GUI to configure and load the label/container inspection recipes, minimizing changeover time
  • Store and manage hundreds of SKU inspection recipes
  • Secure access in the form of multiple log-ins and passwords
  • Color touch-screen monitor
  • Maintain production speeds up to 900 per minute
  • Very low false reject rates
  • Non-contact inspection and no slowing of the production line
  • No special container handling needed, other than to ensure that the containers are appropriately spaced on the conveyor as they pass through the CircumSpect system
  • Inspection tools include:
    • Pattern-finding to match flavor graphics, product graphics, logos, or other features
    • 1D and 2D barcode reading to identify the label or container
    • Tools to measure label placement and skew
    • Any number of vision tools can be used for inspection
  • Event logging to create an audit trail for log-ins, log-outs, container SKU changes, and recipe configuration changes
  • Reporting of session (run) statistics at the end of a product run
  • Data analytics support

  • Fully wash-down NEMA-4X configuration
  • 5th camera options for lid presence and verification or code verification
  • Fool-proof height adjustment mechanism for the top camera
  • Singulator to guarantee correct product spacing
  • Centering Device
  • Rejecter