Machine Vision Solutions by Industry

VAIA Technologies is a complete machine vision solutions provider. We work with hundreds of customers spanning a variety of industries. If you don’t see your industry here, go to our Custom Solutions page or give us a call directly at 508.366.1106 to discuss your needs with a VAIA representative.

Machine Vision Solutions - Food & Beverage

Mislabeled products in the Food & Beverage Industry can result in costly recalls, customer complaints, and health issues. With advanced Machine Vision systems, you can inspected 100% of your products and avoid these risks.

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Machine Vision Solutions - Automotive

The Automotive Industry has always been a leader in automation efficiency. With Machine Vision, that tradition continues. VAIA decreases inspection times drastically which improves greater output.

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Machine Vision Solutions - Medical

The Medical Industry may face the highest consequences for not having a fully integrated Machine Vision System in place. VAIA has built a strong presence in the Medical Industry by providing many high-end custom vision solutions.

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Machine Vision Solutions - Consumer Products Packaging

Systems allow for in-process – 100% inspection as the product moves down the line, preventing the need for statistical sampling, spot checkers, and additional personnel just to verify packaging correctness.

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Machine Vision Solutions - Electronics

VAIA develops complex custom automation systems to handle, inspect and test electronic components. Our proven success in automation integration combined with such a high level technical expertise in machine vision is what sets VAIA apart in the Electronics Industry. 

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Machine Vision Solutions - Pharmaceutical

Inspection errors in the Pharmaceutical Industry are both costly and dangerous. With the need for exact dosage, allowing for human error is unacceptable. The solution is an obvious one, Machine Vision.

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