We partner with our customers to ensure long term success and we understand that our customers have needs that may change over time. Therefore, we’ve tailored our service offerings to meet those evolving needs.

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VAIA offers technical support programs tailored to individual customer needs that may include:

  • Phone, email and web based support
  • Remote login and troubleshooting tools
  • Regional (local) support through employees and contractor partners
  • On-Site support from an experienced technician or vision engineer
  • Ongoing support contracts – including SLAs detailing response time and system uptime requirements 

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In addition to the training provided to customers on every major project, VAIA offers periodic training courses on vision, automation/PLC and other topics that help our customers improve their businesses. On site courses make use of VAIA’s state of the art vision and automation lab, and provide hands on experience to customer personnel. Check our website regularly for upcoming courses.

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Ensure your systems are always at peak performance. Our onsite and remote vision system maintenance includes:

  • Verification and testing of:
    • sensor alignment
    • camera alignment
    • rejector alignment
    • external communication to/from PLC or other controller
    • discrete IO functions
  • Evaluation of key system components:
    • PC/controller
    • cameras
    • lighting 
    • software (i.e., updating where necessary)
  • Preventative maintenance:
    • tighten wire and cable connections
    • clean PC cooling system
    • clean optics and lights
  • Identify potential replacement parts:

Spares management is for customers with multiple systems installed across multiple sites, maintaining expensive spares on-site or across multiple sites can be costly and resource-intensive. Apart from the cost of the spares themselves, they must be securely stored, tracked periodically tested, and stocked based on anticipated failure rates. Requiring duplicate spares at multiple sites adds another layer of cost. VAIA can manage all of your spares needs at a much lower TCO, offering next business day delivery from our MA headquarters and handling all RMA activity for parts under warranty.

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The explosive growth in processing power, storage capacity and performance of major vision and automation system components has made it possible to retain and then quickly access an enormous amount of image and PLC related data from customer systems. This creates a huge opportunity. 

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Whether it’s rebuilding and programming a robot, helping with upgrades to a legacy machine or system, or integrating a new PLC logic to an existing production line – VAIA is here to help.

VAIA offers custom application-specific software algorithm or HMI design and development.

VAIA offers assessment and advice on the feasibility of automated inspection system applications. Depending on the complexity, this is often a free service. We’re happy to educate customers on the potential for vision and automation – even if those customers ultimately decide not to use VAIA.

We also offer consulting for customers who are looking to develop an end to end inspection automation strategy for their business. VAIA’s evaluations also include applicability of the latest technologies and utilization of big data analytics and other high end tools to fuel business improvement.

VAIA is UL certified for design and build of electrical distribution panels. Our services can include:

  • Custom engineering design
  • Build to existing specification
  • Incorporation of special requirements such as
    • Washdown
    • Integrated temperature control 
    • Labeling and tags to customer requirements
  • Volume builds




VAIA offers a range of financing options such as Vision Inspection as a Service (VIAAS), or extended payment plans to help qualified customers deal with the sometimes difficult internal capital appropriation processes.