SureLabel® is a powerful, flexible, and cost-effective system that verifies product labels are correct and properly applied. Features of SureLabel include:

  • High-speed capabilities, up to 1000 products per minute
  • 99.9% reliability
  • Customizable to specific customer requirements
  • User-friendly and flexible HMI (human machine interface)
  • Capable of reading a variety of label attributes including codes, text, or graphics
  • Easy interface to other shop-floor systems, for line stop or product rejection

SureLabel addresses a variety of customer pain points.

  • Dramatically reduces or eliminates defective product “escapes” due to mislabeling 
  • Significantly improves the quality leaving the factory by catching products that have poorly applied or missing labels 
  • Reduces the cost of manual inspection labor
  • Provides inspection of 100% of product vs. significantly lower manual random sampling rates

  • Captures permanent digital inspection record for use in further production analytics
  • Ideal for high SKU mix environments 
  • Easily scalable and expandable to multi-lane, multi-station, implementation with a single HMI
  • Proven technologies with thousands of successful implementations across a wide range of industries 

  • Recipe based system for “one and done” product set up
  • Security and access levels tailored to user type
  • Custom configuration for product rejection or line stop
  • Optional washdown models (IP67, NEMA4X)
  • Straight forward integration to ERP or other factory systems
  • Inspection of multiple attributes including:
    • Barcode
    • Text
    • Graphics
    • Seal integrity
  • Customizable for oriented, unoriented, or multi-piece containers