Our turnkey inspection systems reliably find errors in product packaging, labeling or coding, and also detect problems such as seal or cap integrity issues. Each of our products is based on proven technology and many successful deployments in the field. Be sure to have a look at the Custom Solutions page for other options.

Turnkey  Process and Product Inspection Systems

turnkey machine vision systems - SurePro

A flexible and feature rich software platform suited to serve most custom projects from high precision metrology to unique packaging verification.

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High accuracy system that reads tire DOT and DOT date codes at high speeds on randomly oriented, various sized tires. This system meets the most demanding requirements of tire logistics or manufacturing facilities.

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turnkey machine vision systems - SureLabel

SureLabel inspects labels on all types and shapes of containers that are oriented at the point of inspection.

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turnkey machine vision systems - Circumspect

CircumSpect was engineered to provide a complete 360° graphical inspection for cylindrical containers.

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turnkey machine vision systems - Tamperproof

The TamperProof system verifies that tamper-evident bands or caps are properly installed, are not skewed, and are properly torqued.

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