Vision Tools: Vision inspection platform adaptable across all industries

Refined and tested through hundreds of field applications, SurePro is a flexible and feature rich PC-based software platform that VAIA can adapt to serve many custom projects from high precision metrology to packaging verification.  The easy to use interface allows for customization to meet the client’s requirements and accommodate specific functionality, reporting, or security layer goals. Post-inspection analytics allow the resulting data to be mined for trends, failure modes and also for comparison across production lines or shifts.

The SurePro environment includes a full complement of 3D and 2D vision tools to analyze and inspect complex product attributes and then process and act on the results in a rapid and reliable manner.

SurePro vision capabilities include:

  • Barcode Reading (1D and 2D)
  • Match Pattern
  • Optical Character Verification
  • Check Intensity (monochrome)
  • Color Match
  • Check Position (single edge)
  • Check Width (edge pair)
  • Fixture
  • Calculate (access any tool results and perform arithmetic operations)

VAIA’s engineering team will help you determine the most effective implementation for your needs, which will include assessment of budget, line/space requirements, the correct implementation of 2D, 3D vision tools or a combination of technologies, as well as optimal positioning of the various key components, light sources, enclosure and man-machine interface. SurePro’s architecture also allows for the maximum post-installation flexibility should additional inspections or functionality be required at some point in the future.

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  • Integrated recipe management (discrete recallable settings for individual product skus)
  • Integrated training and product manual functionality
  • Automatic recipe uniqueness verification
  • Integrated I/O and PLC communications
  • Multiple Camera and technology support
  • Optimized for High-Speed Use

  • Discrete I/O and PLC communication, configured via status display screen
  • Fully compatible with Windows 7 64-bit Operating System
  • TCP/IP sockets and Ethernet/IP communications
  • Every key event, such as log-in, log-out, recipe change, run start time, and run end time are automatically logged to a custom Windows Event Log
  • Tools are configured graphically with simple screens and simple parameters
  • Any number of levels of password-protected access can be configured

SurePro can be used wherever the customer desires a more reliable quality inspection process, where reduced manual inspection labor and cost is a goal and wherever the process speed dictates that human inspection is a non-viable option.

Equally compatible for use as an offline inspection station or fully integrated as an in-line 100% product inspection system, SurePro can be tailored to meet your individual requirements. SurePro has been successfully deployed in industries as diverse as consumer packaging, automotive component inspection, electronic component inspection, and food and beverage.

When integrated in-process as a full turnkey solution including mechanical assembly, PLC, accept/reject modes, as well as other parts handling requirements, SurePro often provides for process benefits and downtime reduction that exceed initial goals and expectations and most customers cite a payback on investment of less than 12 months, and in many cases, less than 6 months.