Tamper Evident Cap Verification

Consumers take tamper bands for granted – they are trusted to work. But the high speeds and the nature of plastic packaging sometimes causes errors in the screw top application process. The TamperProof© System checks for any problems with the tamper evident cap on screw top containers. It will detect:

  • High Closure
  • Missing Closure
  • Cocked Closure
  • Broken Integrated Tamper-Evident Band
  • Closure Color/Graphics Pattern

The TamperProof© system uses 4 side cameras to verify that the tamper-evident band is properly installed, is not skewed, and is properly torqued. In cases where multiple caps are used the system will verify that the correct cap is on the container. It performs all verification and inspection through non-contact means, requiring no special handling of the product and no stopping of the product flow on the conveyor.

Request Quote

  • User-friendly GUI with an easy-to-use interface to configure and load the container inspection recipes, minimizing changeover time
  • Store and manage hundreds of SKU inspection recipes
  • Secure access in the form of multiple log-ins and passwords
  • Color touch-screen monitor
  • Maintain production speeds up to 900 per minute
  • Non-contact inspection and no slowing of the production line
  • No special container handling needed, other than to ensure that the cap areas are appropriately spaced on the conveyor as they pass through the TamperProof system
  • Inspection tools include:
    • Pattern-finding to match flavor graphics, product graphics, logos, or other features
    • 1D and 2D barcode reading to identify the cap
    • Tools to measure cap placement and skew
    • Any number of vision tools can be used for inspection
  • Event logging to create an audit trail for log-ins, log-outs, container SKU changes, and recipe configuration changes
  • Reporting of session (run) statistics at the end of a product run
  • Data analytics support

  • Biometric (fingerprint) security access
  • Color or monochrome camera for lid or cap inspection
  • Wash-down IP67 construction with air conditioner for electronics
  • Fool-proof height adjustment mechanism for the top camera
  • Singulator to ensure proper container spacing to provide 360 degree inspection of the closures
  • Centering device to guide the container through the center of the inspection point
  • Multiple rejecter options
    • Air blow-off
    • Pneumatic “punch”
    • Guide to another conveyor or reject table for re-work
  • PLC for reject monitoring and line control

  • Imaging equipment
  • Diffuse LED strobe lighting
  • Utilizes approximately 5 feet of linear conveyor space, including the rejecter
  • Easy to install over an existing straight section of conveyor
  • Documentation package
  • Spare parts list provided